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Fantasy and reality meet in the Fairytale Forest!

The Fairytale Forest is a small family park in Valkenburg aan de Geul, The Netherlands. On a wooded hill young and old are entertained with fairytales, play equipment and old Dutch entertainment. Meet the inhabitants of the Fairytale Forest, from Sleeping Beauty and Snow White to Tom Thumb and the Bremen Town Musicians.

Discover the forest playfully! Climbing, flying, gliding or just playing with sand? A clever game of chess or petanque? Swing in the carousel or hop hop hop over the dragon… the Fairytale Forest is a nice environment for young and old.

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Visiting hours

The Fairytale Forest is open every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 10:00 till 18:00; and daily from May 29th to October 1st and during Dutch holidays. Check the timetable for visiting hours.

Entrance fee

Young and old visit the Fairytale Forest for € 9.50 per person. Children under 2 years are for free. Groups of 20 pay 8 Euro per person entrance fee. It’s also possible to buy e-tickets.


Park at parking ‘Geulpark’ or ‘Heunsbergerweg’.


The Fairytale Forest is located on a wooded hill. This brings obstacles, accessibility is not always optimal. To our regret, some parts are difficult or not accessible for disabled people.


Mr. Bruno Brück had built Fairytale Forest in 1950 for his four year old daughter Ullie. The first scenes were designed and made of plaster.

Little by little, the park was expanded in size and offerings. In the 80s, the business was acquired by daughter Ullie and her husband. They managed to achieve a considerable modernization and experienced great seasons in the 80s and 90s.

In 2012, the Fairytale Forest was acquired by the present owner. The home of Little Red Riding Hood, Mother Holle and the other residents, was rebuilt and modernized here and there. On April 27, 2013 the reopening took place. We work (even now) with sketches, plans and gathering to further blow new life into the fairytales and forest.

Historie van het Sprookjesbos

Park rules

To make your and others visit as pleasant we have some lines in and around the park.
● Own food and beverage, with the exception of alcoholic drinks and drugs, are allowed outside terraces.
● Employees are recognized by the corporate clothes and welcome questions and suggestions.
● A visit to the Fairytale Forest and the use of play equipment and attractions are at your own risk.
● The management is not responsible or liable for any damage or injury by improper use or failure by not following instructions for play equipment or attractions.
● Pets are not allowed in the park, because the feeling of comfort of our visitors and the animals in the forest.
● On quiet days not all the attractions are accessible at the same time, but alternately.
● Please be aware that for everyone’s protection (in)visible cameras are installed.
● The management is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to personal property.
● The Fairytale Forest always has the right to deny visitors who ignore the rules and instructions or entering prohibited areas.
● In all cases not explicitly reported, the management decides.

We wish you a pleasant day!